Shipping & Storage Boxes

Our shipping and storage boxes will deliver your product safely and securely no matter what its size, shape or weight. Our transit boxes range from small postal packs all the way to heavy-duty pallet shipping boxes. We manufacture custom boxes – brown or white, singlewall / doublewall / triplewall, plain or printed.

  • Type: shipping and storage boxes
  • Use: goods packaging – for simpler and safer shipping and storage of goods
  • Size: custom (per your order)
  • Cardboard type: brown/white, print available
  • Minimum quantity: no
Transportne kartonske kutije

Die cut boxes

Our die cut boxes are competitively priced and perfect for a variety of packaging needs. They can be produced in single wall / double wall / triple wall cardboard, but differ from standard box styles in that tooling is required because the die cutting process means they are stamped out of cardboard (like a cookie cutter). What’s particularly great about these types of boxes is that there is no need for tape – they simply slot together. Use examples: gift boxes, wine boxes, honey packaging boxes, subscription boxes, shelf-ready boxes, fresh fruit and vegetables boxes…

  • Type and size: custom made (per your order)
  • Cardboard: brown, white, colored, wavy brown…
  • Print: one color to full-color print; flexo, digital…
Štancane kutije

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Our cardboard edge protectors can safeguard, stabilize and reinforce palletized loads in transit and storage. They’re also used to provide additional protection inside and outside of cartons, furniture, around picture frames, artwork and a multitude of other applications.

  • Cardboard edge protectors
  • Size and thickness: per your order
  • Use: additional protection inside and outside of cartons, furniture, around picture frames, artwork and a multitude of other applications
  • Cardboard: brown / white; print available
  • No minimum quantity
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Cardboard Sheets & Rolls

Cardboard sheets are recommended for separating layers on skids or inside packaging. We can manufacture sheets in any length, width and board specifications. Placing large pallet size cardboard sheets across the base of a pallet before starting to load will help stabilize a stack of cartons and reduce the risk of water damage from below.

Cardboard rolls are great floor protection and counter top protection during construction. Cover and protect your floors and counters from scratches, dings, cracks, paint etc.
*Great for creating a custom “box” for shipping books through the mail.
*Protect furniture legs from scratches during moves.

  • Size: per your order
  • Types: cardboard sheets / carboard rolls (different thicknesses)
  • Cardboard: brown, white, brown corrugated (wavy)
  • Print available
  • No minimum quantity
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