Custom made

Our shipping and storage boxes will deliver your product safely and securely no matter what its size, shape or weight.


  • Type: shipping and storage boxes
  • Use: goods packaging – for simpler and safer shipping and storage of goods
  • Size: custom (per your order)


  • Cardboard type: brown/white, print available
  • Minimum quantity: no
  • Print available

Transportna kartonska kutija Vina Siber
Kutije za vino - boce - Josić
Kartonske kutije za namještaj
Transportna kutija 6 boca vina s pregradama i držačima
Kartonske transportne kutije - sandwich
Transportne kartonske kutije za vino sa saćem
Transportna kartonska kutija za vino
Kartonska kutija s ručkom
Kartonske kutije s pregradama / saćem
Transportne kartonske kutije

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